Private Hope Grants

Our Story & the Grants Policy Committee


The Grants Policy Committee (GPC), consists of established property owners and grant policy committee of two from across the Tampa Bay region , of which the purpose is renting closely held properties. GPC's vision is to improve the effectiveness of financial assistance by:

  • Simplifying the application process.
  • Streamlining financial assistance award and administration.
  • Improving quality and timeliness of information related to assistance.
  • Improving stewardship of Private Hope Grants, a closely held rental company.

The GPC is committed to serving the best interests of the community by continually identifying opportunities to improve private financial credit/discount assistance for their property. The GPC's improvement efforts gained significant momentum when the committee of two assumes responsibility for implementing the streamed lined application process to quickly assist applicants. This site is a privately owned site developed by a closely held rental company and provides credits/discounts for the purpose of renting these closely held continues to build on this momentum, advancing existing efforts and leveraging new opportunities to enhance additional private financial credit/discount assistance when available. Each year new concepts are developed to keep this program and assistance available for family needs.


The GPC's focus is on improving the management of private financial credit/discount assistance locally. To carry out their role, the committee of two has streamlined a process that allows an applicant to enter their information and cross references with an internal database, government and private databases of which may consist or credit screening when required, and therefore no other screening for approval is done. Further, all applicants are pre-approved and recommended for financial assistance within privately held rental properties.


The GPC's mission is to increase the effectiveness of financial credit/discount assistance of Private Grant credits issued directly by the rental properties with reduced burden on applicants, recipients, and Management.


In order to achieve the GPC's goals, the GPC works toward the following objectives:

  • Establish and maintain consolidated and consistent guidance annually.
  • Improve timeline and approval to applicants/recipients.
  • Notify applicants of special discounts, staying in contact with applicant via e-mail and cellular text messaging events, news or specials. (see privacy policy)
  • Work seamlessly with closely held properties.
  • Assess the GPC's performance against its strategic plan and make necessary changes to improve performance.
  • Facilitate greater private financial credits/discounts processes by maximizing involvement of both Management and closely held properties.